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When You Should Call a Foundation Contractor

If you have a leaky basement you could solve the problem yourself if you’re handy or you may be better off seeking professional help. It will depend on what exactly the problem is and how complex the work is involved in repairing it. Of course, if you’re not able to pinpoint the source of the leaking water that’s probably an indicator that you should call a waterproofing contractor to find the root of the trouble. If you have small cracks in the foundation you may be able to plug them epoxy. But while this may help stop the water from entering the home it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. We have been repairing foundation cracks and water leaks in Toronto for over 30 years, While some things are minor and can be left alone or repaired yourself, other things can be an indicator of major problems and should be investigated.  Below are some situations in which you should probably call a waterproofing contractor.

Chronic Water Around Your Foundation

Water can accumulate around your home by pooling in the soil around its foundation. The soil then expands and can place pressure on foundation footings and walls. In turn, this can result in cracks. You should always make sure the downspouts and gutters are free of debris and in working properly. The soil around the home’s foundation should be properly graded by sloping at a minimum of six inches for each 10 horizontal feet. Many foundations have a drain system installed around the perimeter which is designed to move water below the surface away from the home’s foundation. This drainage system can sometimes get clogged and if t does you’ll need a professional contractor to unblock it.

Cracks in The Foundation

If the home’s foundation is cracked or has tipped, it will need to be reinforced to prevent it from deteriorating even more. The walls may be able to be repaired from the interior with steel braces, wood, wall anchors or carbon-fibre mesh. This will help prevent the foundation from any further shifting. As an alternative, the repair could involve the spreading of epoxy and then and using carbon-fibre mesh to make sure the wall is locked in place. If wall anchors are used they’re comparable to large bolts. Your yard will be excavated and metal plates are installed inside the foundation walls every six to eight feet. These plates use steel rods to connect them and they will help to help straighten and stabilize the wall.

Water Entering The Foundation

If a part of the home’s foundation has been washed out you may want to seek help. Water can get inside a foundation’s perimeter via a drainage issue, a clogged gutter or a broken water pipe. The affected area may be shored up with concrete or by leveling the area. However, you may need to take out a part of the foundation and then re-pour and tie this new section to the old with epoxy and rebar. Since there are numerous reasons your basement may be leaking and need waterproofing you can save a lot of time, energy, and money by calling a professional foundation contractor to find where the problem lies and what the most effective and least-expensive solution will be.

If you’ve called in a professional contracting company it’s a good idea to ask for a written report which lists the specific problem your facing as well as the options which can be used to repair it. You should also ask the contractor for the pros and cons associated with each of the repair methods.

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