Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Get a Warm Glow for Your Home's Exterior

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Get a Warm Glow for Your Home’s Exterior

Hang around outdoor lighting designers long enough and you’ll hear a lot of talk about “moonlight effect.” That’s a naturalistic look that features light no more intense than that of a full moon, but still strong enough to make beautiful shadows and intense highlights on your home’s exterior.

Here’s how to add outdoor lighting to your house:

7 Ways to Get That Warm Exterior Glow

How Outdoor Lighting Helps Security

Soft, overall landscape lighting eliminates dark areas that might hide an intruder, exposing any movement on your property.

Overly bright lights actually have a negative effect, creating undesirable pockets of deep shadow.

The Best Outdoor Lights Designers Recommend

Once disparaged for their high cost and cold, bluish glow, LEDs are now the light source of choice for lighting designers.

“They’ve come down in price and now have that warm light people love in incandescent bulbs,” says Paul Gosselin, owner of Night Scenes Landscape Lighting Professionals in Kingsland, Texas. 

Although LED fixtures remain twice as expensive as incandescents, installation is simpler because they use low-voltage wiring. 

Another advantage is long life. LEDs last at least 40,000 hours, or about 18 years of nighttime service. With that kind of longevity, “why should a fixture have only a two-year warranty?” asks Gosselin.

He advises buying only fixtures with a 15-year warranty — proof that the fixture’s housing is designed to live as long as the LED bulbs inside.

The Cost of Outdoor Lighting

Total outdoor lighting costs will vary according to the size of your home and the complexity of your lighting scheme. Expect to pay about $100 to $200 per LED fixture including installation. LEDs also require a transformer; together, they’ll cost $300 to $500 with installation.

A motion detector security light costs an average of $300 to $400 each, with installation. Porch lights range from $65 to $200 including installation. Sconces range from $100 to $2,500 installed. Prices depend on the fixture and whether running new cable is necessary.

That kind of variation isn’t limited to porch lights and sconces. Outdoor lighting costs range considerably based on factors like square footage, DIY versus contractor installation, and high-end versus more ordinary fixtures. If you’re getting ready to add some glow to your yard, spend wisely and by considering:

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