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    What Sets ESP Guitars Apart from the Rest of the Market?

    What Makes ESP Guitars so Special? ESP guitars are known for their quality, which is reflected in the prices of their guitars. These guitars have been manufactured in Japan since 1977 and offer a variety of models that suit different needs. ESP guitars’ high-quality is the result of the company’s commitment to its craft. ESP produces more than just electric guitars, and they have been doing it for longer than anyone else on the planet. This dedication has led to an impressive and respected catalog of instruments that has given ESP its well-deserved status as a premier guitar manufacturer.  They ship and sell guitars worldwide.  Here in Canada, you can…

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    How To Choose The Right Guitar For You

    Before you buy a guitar, you need to understand what kind of music you want to make. To begin, think about the genre you want to start making. Are you a blues or country fan? How about rock, pop, or jazz? This will help you find the right guitar. Once you have determined your genre, it’s time to start looking for your ideal guitar. One of my first and still favourite guitar is a Godin acoustic guitar made in Canada. It is truly a beautiful guitar and one of my all time fav’s. Here are the following tips to guide you more: Choose a guitar that interests you. If you’re…