• med spas

    How to Choose the Best Medical Spa in Your Area

    Have you thought about getting a relaxing facial, a manicure, or a massage at a spa? It’s a great idea–and if you’re thinking about getting a medical treatment at a spa, it’s even more of a great idea! But how do you know the spa you’re considering is good? You can’t just walk into any spa and expect to get services of a good quality. It isn’t very easy. My first (and only) experience with a medical spa is a local one I went to last year.  It is the best medical spa in St. Louis, they are fantastic and offer excellent service.  Choosing a medical spa is an important…

  • Home Improvement

    When You Should Call a Foundation Contractor

    If you have a leaky basement you could solve the problem yourself if you’re handy or you may be better off seeking professional help. It will depend on what exactly the problem is and how complex the work is involved in repairing it. Of course, if you’re not able to pinpoint the source of the leaking water that’s probably an indicator that you should call a waterproofing contractor to find the root of the trouble. If you have small cracks in the foundation you may be able to plug them epoxy. But while this may help stop the water from entering the home it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. We…

  • Home Improvement

    How Water Can Permeate a Concrete Foundation over Time

    Is water seeping through your concrete foundation?  If left untreated, water can slowly erode your foundation and lead to costly foundation repairs.  Here in Toronto, we respond to several hundred basement waterproofing calls a year.  Some repairs are minor, while others are costly repairs.  Most of the costly foundation repairs we treat could have been prevented, or at least minimized, if proper measures had been taken earlier.  It’s vital to contact an experienced contractor to help.  Here in the Bay Area there are many high quality home renovation contractors you can contact. One of the foundation problems we frequently come across is a slowly eroding foundation due to a prolonged…